Eco Options is the proud Northern Territory distributor of Solatube's world-class products.

Solatube has spent more than 25 years in developing breakthrough optical skylight technologies that allow their daylighting and skylight systems to deliver the highest quality natural light.

Solatube Daylighting System

Feel better, think better and live better with Solatube Daylight Systems. They provide up to double the light output at low angle sunlight and help bring the enjoyment of being indoors without excessive heat.

Solatube Australia’s Brighten Up series uses exclusive, patented INFRAREDuction technology, which draws heat away from the product before it enters your home but retains maximum brightness. The Brighten Up series is the only Australian-owned product to be awarded the prestigious Energy Star.

Our Range of Decorative Ceiling Fixtures

Our daylight systems don’t just provide sunlight to interiors; they also come with stylish variations. Solatube Decorative Ceiling Fixtures enhance the look of any interior with options that range from practical to elegant.

Solar-Powered Daylight Control System

Experience beautiful natural light with total daylight control and automated night closing with our new Daylight Control System model. It includes a remote-controlled, solar-powered baffle that opens and closes at the touch of a button. Now you can adjust the light in your space, turn night into daylight and everything in between.

Not sure if you want daylight entering your bedroom or living space all day long? Now you have the option to take a nap or watch a movie in the dark with the convenience of the Solatube Daylight Control System.

  • Use the power of the sun to control the power of the sun
  • Patented butterfly baffle design provides complete control over daylight levels
  • One-touch remote control for easy operation

Solatube Heavenly Intelligent

This is a premium performing tubular skylight that offers the benefits of natural light in any room for a reasonable price.

Solatube Heavenly Intelligent Systems have heavenly intelligent accessories such as:

  • Light Add-On Kit – Minimises the light fittings in your ceiling and locates them inside your skylight.
  • Ventilation Add-On Kit – This fixture extracts stale air and minimises ceiling penetration for a more attractive look.
  • Slimline Diffuser – Best suited for task-lighting a particular area.

Available in 250mm & 400mm diameter

Solatube Econotube

If you’re looking for quality but affordable skylights, Solatube Econotube tubular skylights might be the product for you. Suitable for small areas.

  • Passive ventilation available
  • Ventilation Add-On Kit

Available in 250mm & 400mm diameter

If you would like to request a quote for skylight installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Solar Star Ventilation System

Solar Star is entirely powered by solar voltaic panels, requiring no electricity. That means you won’t have to hire an electrician or go to the trouble of bringing electrical wiring up to your roof cavity. The solar panels power an efficient motor that spins the lightweight, low resistance, rust-proof polymeric fan blades in the roof-mounted roof space fans. Hot air exits the roof cavity through a durable and rust-proof polymeric exhaust screen fully integrated with the unit.

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While most of our products come with installation instructions for those who wish to DIY, we also have an installation service for our range of skylights and ventilation products for domestic and commercial markets.

Eco Options is complete with Deemed to Comply certification to help you with your insurance and engineering requirements in Darwin, Palmerston and regional areas. Give us a call today!

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Bringing Natural Light In

Having natural lighting inside your home is shown to improve moods and health, outweighing traditional lighting sources. Round or square, Solatube has decorative options to match your home’s style. Check out the difference that Solatube products make in these before and after photos: